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Kit Up and Head Out: the Wakeboard Tower and Accessories You Need

Shipping Wakeboard Tower Accessories to Cap-Chat, Quebec

Shipping Wakeboard Tower Accessories to Cap-Chat, Quebec

If you are going to a lake this summer, remember to bring along your wet suit and wakeboard. This exhilarating sport provides all the ecstasy and technique of skiing or skateboarding, in a completely adventurous setting. If you’re new to it then this summer is the ideal opportunity to go through this sport yourself and find out what the excitement is all about. We list everything you will need to get started.


Skip the specialized boards in the beginning; newcomers should prefer going for a broader, longer board containing squared rather than rounded edges, and a bigger central fin for extra stability and direction. You must look to be able to get the hang of maneuvering and balancing on your new craft before attempting some tricks.


Wakeboarding ropes will be slim, lightweight and tough. Amateurs will want to keep the rope shorter and {taut| stiff| rigid| firm| so you are nearer to the boat, this also offers a bigger wake for you to surf which offers less resistance to surfing.

Wakeboard Tower

The higher you tie off your rope to the boat the superior your boarding experience will be. Concerned people recognized this back in the 50’s and after a number of shots at solving the problem and keeping space and portability, the modern wakeboard tower was born.

Wakeboard towers allow you to achieve greater hang time with their elevated tie off points. They open up room inside the boat, and provide a great customizable area for the various other wakeboarding accessories you will get. They’re also far more stable than pylons, and when you want to store your boat, or check through any low roofs you can get the ones that collapse to meet your wishes.

Bimini Top

At the peak of summer, it’s better to have protection from the sun, this handy accessory will connect to the top of your tower and keep your passengers and equipment protected from the worst effects of the heat.

Tower Lights

For anyone into boat rides at night tower lights are a must-have. A good lightbar keeps your surroundings bright making towing and docking much safer while also helping you stand out to other boats around.

Tower Mirrors

Much like your rearview mirrors these really do give you eyes in the backside of your head. Enabling you to look at the boarder you’re towing behind you, and enabling you to create adjustments required if they’re struggling or rushing on the water!

Wakeboard Tower Accessories Cap-Chat, Quebec

Shipping Tower Accessories to Cap-Chat, Quebec

Tower Speakers

Yes you can deck out your tower with a couple of additional speakers that will supplement your audio system and let you rock out across the waters. Almost everyone relishes a cool soundtrack while they strike a pose on their wakeboard.

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